Weekist – simple report generation from Todoist tasks

Hi everybody, the second version of Weekist (www.weekist.com) is here. This new version allows to generate reports for the tasks you have accomplished during the week, month or for a custom date range.


In order to login in Weekist just use your Todoist login and password, that information will not stored in Weekist, we don’t need it because we validate the login against Todoist server (it Todoist server is down Weekist will not work).

Please note that the first time you login it will take some time to retrieve the completed tasks, once that process is finish the generation of the reports should be quite fast.

There are some new features that will allow you to customize your reports filtering labels and projects. Also you will be able to include the notes associated to a task. You can also print (or save as PDF) or send the report by e-mail to your Todoist email address.

Enjoy, and if you have questions, comments or improvements please send me an e-mail to [email protected]

IMPORTANT: project has been discontinued. Source code has been released here