Steve Blank’s Startup Business Model Checklist

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I’ve just completed Steve Blank’s course called “An Entrepreneur’s checklist” in Udemy. In this course Steve Blank outlines some points that require attention from an emerging business startup. You can see the whole course here, for free.

Below you will find just a summary of the checklist as can be seen in the video course:

  1. Opportunity: Where does the idea come from?
  2. Innovation: Where is the innovation? Is it technology innovation or market innovation?
  3. Customer: Who is the user? And more importantly who is the payer?
  4. Competition: Who are the competitors? Who are the complementors?
  5. Sales: What’s the channel to reach the customer?
  6. Marketing: How do you create end user demand?
  7. What does Biz Dev do?: Deals? Partnerships? Sales?
  8. Business / Revenue Model(s): How do we organize to make money?
  9. IP / Patents / Regulatory issues: How and how long?
  10. Time to Market: How long does it take to get to market?
  11. Product Development Model: How you engineer and develop it?
  12. Manufacturing: What does it take to build it?
  13. Seed Financing: How much? When?
  14. Follow-on Financing: How much? When?
  15. Liquidity: How much? When?

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