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Meteor Chef book: sixteen great recipes


This book is targeted at developers who have a little bit of experience with Meteor (or ambitious beginners) who want to learn how to level up their existing applications.

All of the content (around 450 pages) is presented in the form of practical recipes focus on learning how to develop entire features for your Meteor application like Building a SaaS app using Stripe, writing a package, writing an API, building an user admin and implementation patterns like adding Server Side Routes with Iron Router.

NOTE: discontinued



Weekist allows you to easily generate reports for your completed tasks in Todoist, such as monthly reports, weekly reports and custom date range reports.



Chrome extension that allows to implement basic task duration for Todoist. For each task you just need to specify its duration between brackets in the task description. The duration will appear as a label to the left of the task description and the the total corresponding to all tasks in the project will appear on top so you know at a glance the total effort to implement all the project tasks.


LinkedIn to CSV

Whenever you visit a profile in LinkedIn this Chrome extension will show a button which will allow to download the basic information (full name, title, location and industry) to a CSV file.

NOTE: discontinued, LinkedIn don’t want people being able to do this…


Application where you can collect your ideas, add comments to them and labelled them. The repository of ideas can be searched either by the title of the idea of the labels.




Just a small side project which allows to post brief posts (500 characters.


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