Holistic Learning

What is it?

lmslIt is learning method based on the interconnection of concepts. The idea is to make a link between the new concepts being learned and already known concepts / ideas.

How do you apply it?

The main goal is to build new knowledge starting from models. In order to create the models three methods are applied:

  1. Visceralize: represent and summarize the model using all your senses so you can associate the concept with something you can see, taste, smell, etc. This simplified “image” is easier to remember.

    Ask yourself what the concept would look, sound, feel like.

  2. Create Metaphors: to interlink ideas you uses similes i.e. relate the new idea with another one which is similar in some way

    Think about what reminds you the new concept / idea.

  3. Explore: go through your models and polish them removing errors and wrong connections between ideas. Complete also the holes and missing pieces of information.

    Use your network of concepts to validate its accuracy through problem solving

Further reading

Holistic Learning E-book (free)

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