Collect your 2015 achievements automatically with Todoist & IFTTT

When I was looking back at what have been my main achievements last year 2014 I realized that it is not that easy to remember everything and that it requires a fair amount of time to do it properly, especially when you want to go into the details e.g. what books did I read last year?

In order to simplify the exercise this year I decided to automate at least the collecting part using Todoist and IFTTT (I will still need to do the analysis of what went ok and what I can improve).

Option A: if you don’t have Todoist Premium
  • Start using my basic recipe here
  • Select the project you want to watch for tasks completion (“Project to watch”). e.g. Books
  • Select the project where you want to create the report of achievements (“Which project?), e.g. Achievements 2015
  • Inside the projects Achievements 2015 IFTTT will automatically create the “completed” tasks formated as: * {{CompletedAt}} · {{Project}}: {{TaskContent}}
    e.g. January 02, 2014 at 09:17PM · Books: How to fail at almost everything and still win big (Scott Adams)
Option B: if you have Todoist Premium
  • If you have Todoist Premium then you can use labels and simplify the above process
  • First, decide which label you will use for the tasks which you want to include in your Achievements log e.g. @t!
  • Create a new recipe in IFTTT as follows:
    1. Trigger: New completed task with label t! in Any Project
    2. Action: Create a new task in Achievements 2015 formatted as in the previous option * {{CompletedAt}} · {{Project}}: {{TaskContent}}
  • You can see the full recipe below


  • This recipe will allow to monitor all your projects and record every completed milestones (in my case marked with @t!) inside the Achievements 2015 project

I hope this is useful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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