LinkedIn to CSV chrome extension

LinkedIn to CSV

Note: the Chrome extension is no longer available, it has been taken out from the store due to a claim from LinkedIn. They’re happy to profit from other’s people data but it seems they don’t like others being able to use it.

Source code in Github is here.

A simple Chrome extension that allows saving people key data into CSV. Not a lot of functionality but not too bad for a Sunday afternoon 馃檪

Whenever you visit a profile in LinkedIn this Chrome extension will show a button which will allow downloading the basic information (full name, title, location and industry) to a CSV file.

Weekist – simple report generation from Todoist tasks

Hi everybody, the second聽version of Weekist ( is here. This new version allows to generate reports for the tasks you have accomplished during the week,聽month or for a custom date range.


In order to login in Weekist just use your Todoist login and password, that information will not stored in Weekist, we don’t need it because we validate the login against Todoist server (it Todoist server is down Weekist will not work).

Please note that聽the first time you login it will take some time to retrieve the completed tasks, once that process is finish the generation of the reports should be quite fast.

There are some new features that will allow you to customize your reports filtering labels and projects. Also you will be able to include the notes associated to a task. You can also print (or save as PDF) or send the report by e-mail to your Todoist email address.

Enjoy, and if you have questions, comments or improvements please send me an e-mail to [email protected]

IMPORTANT: project has been discontinued. Source code has been released here

Implement task duration in @Todoist (workaround with @IFTTT)

Todoist is a great todo list and integrates with other applications such as Google Calendar or聽Sunrise in such a way that you can see your tasks in this wonderful calendar application.

Unfortunately, Todoist doesn’t yet support defining the duration of the tasks, so by default every task is shown as 1 hour duration. This is obviously less than ideal if you want to plan your day properly.

In order to overcome this problem I’ve found a workaround using IFTTT聽and聽Google Calendar. In my setup I link Google Calendar to聽Sunrise, my favorite calendar app (you can integrate Google Calendar with many other apps).


  1. Create a new recipe in IFTTT so that whenever you create a new task then an event is created in your Google Calendar. In my case I have modified this recipe, only the tasks created with the label @s! appear聽in my calendar.

The full recipe is shown below:

QuickaddeventIn order to simplify the process you can use this recipe and modify as you wish.

  1. Add your tasks to Todoist using Google Calendar quick event format. It’s quite simple and intuitive. E.g.聽@s! Study Anki flashcards for 30 minutes today at 12:00

  2. This聽will trigger IFTTT to create a new event in my Google Calendar, showing the specified duration of the task (instead of the default 1 hour). It will also include a link back to the original Todoist task so when I have completed I can mark it off in Todoist very easily. This is how it looks like in Google Calendar and Sunrise

Event in Google Calendar
Event in Google Calendar




Sunrise capture
Event in Sunrise



As you can see it’s pretty easy and it just works fine as workaround until the task duration functionality is implemented in Todoist. If you have any question please leave a comment below.



Collect your 2015 achievements automatically with Todoist & IFTTT

When I was looking back at what have been my main achievements last year 2014 I realized that it is not that easy to remember everything and that it requires a fair amount of time to do it properly, especially when you want to go into the details e.g. what books did I read last year?

In order to simplify the exercise this year I decided to automate at least the collecting part using Todoist and IFTTT (I will still need to do the analysis of what went ok and what I can improve).

Option A: if you don’t have Todoist Premium
  • Start using my basic recipe here
  • Select the project you want to watch for tasks completion (“Project to watch”). e.g. Books
  • Select the project where you want to create the report of achievements (“Which project?), e.g. Achievements 2015
  • Inside the projects Achievements 2015 IFTTT will automatically create the “completed” tasks formated as: * {{CompletedAt}} 路 {{Project}}: {{TaskContent}}
    e.g. January 02, 2014 at 09:17PM 路 Books: How to fail at almost everything and still win big (Scott Adams)
Option B: if you have Todoist Premium
  • If you have Todoist Premium then you can use labels and simplify the above process
  • First, decide which label you will use for the tasks which you want to include in your Achievements log e.g. @t!
  • Create a new recipe in IFTTT as follows:
    1. Trigger: New completed task with label t! in Any Project
    2. Action: Create a new task in Achievements 2015 formatted as in the previous option * {{CompletedAt}} 路 {{Project}}: {{TaskContent}}
  • You can see the full recipe below


  • This recipe will allow to monitor all your projects and record every completed milestones (in my case marked with @t!) inside the Achievements 2015 project

I hope this is useful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.