7 Steps to better prepare your next presentation

  1. State clearly from the beginning what is the benefit the audience will take from your presentation.

  2. Create a catching opening to establish the topic of your presentation.

  3. Devote part of your presentation formulating the question that you will answer with the information in your presentation.

  4. Conclude by creating the link between the knowledge you have just provided and specific recommended actions to use the information.

  5. Put everything together (opening, question and conclusions) and simplify using the main presentation idea as guideline; if it doesn’t support the main idea then remove it.

  6. Polish your presentation:

    • Including a roadmap so the audience knows where you are and where you are heading to.
    • Ensuring only one idea per slide
    • Highlighting the keywords and takeaways.
  7. Add visuals to reinforce your messages:
    • Line charts: to show progress or trends
    • Bar charts: to show relationships between items
    • Pie charts: to show splits of information

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